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PUR 2.3- A #Summer23 exclusive with fleur carved out of wood, crafted along side with sola and preserve flowers.

Dimension: Approx 8cm (Diameter) x 30cm (Height)

A wooden flower in purple is a unique and beautiful creation that captures the essence of nature in an artistic form. The contrast of the turquoise pot against the vibrant purple petals creates a striking visual appeal that can brighten up any room.

Carved from high-quality wood, the wooden flower is carefully crafted by skilled artisans to ensure that every detail is perfectly rendered. The texture of the petals is meticulously etched to create a realistic effect, while the wooden stem is expertly shaped to resemble the natural curve of a real flower.

The purple color of the wooden flower evokes a sense royaltynobility and luxury. It makes for a wonderful addition to serve as an exquisite gift, adding a touch of rustic charm and vibrant color to any space. Whether used as a centerpiece on a table or placed as part of a maison decor, this wooden / sola / preserve flower artwork is sure to bring joy and beauty to all who see it.

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*Do note that all artwork at Floral Story Int doesn't repeat as we respect every individuality, as such the images on this site are for illustration purposes only, actual artwork might differ subjected to the availability of the materials.