The STORY behind our window installation at Design Orchard

Have you visited Orchard Road recently? I believe you guys have seen these banners hung around Orchard Road.

Window installation florist singapore
Design Orchard Banners hung on lamppost of Orchard Road

Yes, Floralstoryint is at Orchard! Specifically, Design Orchard!

We worked hand in hand with Design Orchard for this past Valentine’s Day to create a beautiful window illustration.

Window installation florist singapore
FloralStoryInt Window Display @ Design Orchard

‘Isn’t this just a rose on a chair surrounded by a bunch of feathers?’, the illustration was carefully set up and packed with stories.

Looks fanciful? Of course! We took 108 hours to construct this so that you can view beautiful displays (and please your eyes) when you are around the area! The idea behind this illustration is centered around promoting individual pronouns, non-binary genders and learning to accept love.

Window installation florist singapore
Red rose displayed on LA DESIGN’s chair

This window display represents “chaotic beauty”, with a mass of white elements including white pampas, white hydrangeas, and a white hanging chair provided by LA DESIGN studios, symbolizing the idea that everyone is the same, we are all equal.

The centerpiece of this display is a single red rose, which, along with scattered red petals, represents the notion that every one bleeds the same. A red rose was the attention of this display as they are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day gifts, where the single red rose signifies a significant other.

All the metal elements that you see in the window display, ranging from the silver copper wires used as the base skeleton to the aluminum foil used to wrap the stalk of the rose, are scrap metal being upcycled (say yes to sustainability!)

Now that you understand the symbolism behind the window display, why not visit Design Orchard and witness its artistic beauty for yourself? Be sure to snap a photo and tag us (@floralstoryint) and Design Orchard on Instagram – we would love to see your post.

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