Sola Flowers
Sola Flowers #1

What are Sola flowers? Sola flowers are handmade flowers usually crafted using the bark of the sola plant. There has been an upcoming trend of businesses having Sola flowers being sold in their shop. Sola flowers boast the benefits of being sustainable and eco-friendly due to it being created from wood and have I mentioned that it’s long-lasting as well? Sola flowers can last for a lifetime if it’s being cared for properly!

We would like to take this opportunity to share how one should care for and maintain the Sola flowers so that you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty much longer!

1.     Keeping them dry! It’s essential that you keep the Sola flowers as dry as you can. Being made from wood, water exposure would cause it to rot, soften and eventually fall apart.

2.     Keep them away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight would cause the Sola flower to lose its color and slowly fade. You do not want your Sola flowers to look dull and bleak.

3.     Keeping them dust free. Sola flowers being made from wood, are porous, and leaving them to collect dust would cause their vibrant color to fade. Using a soft brush or feather duster, lightly dust any debris you see on it the Sola flower.

4.     Storage. Keeping them stored properly is also important if you decided to keep the Sola flowers you own. Make sure they are kept in a box that has a dry and cool environment, allowing the Sola flowers to maintain their look for as long as you want! Remember to keep in mind, no sunlight, and no moisture!

5.     Finally, as Sola flowers are made of wood, any small damages to them are easily fixable! Any wear and tear can be fixed with handicraft glue and if its color fades, you can always paint it back to its original vibrant look!

Sola Flowers
Sola Flowers #2

After caring for your Sola flowers, why not drip some of your favorite essential/aroma oil on the petals? Sola flowers absorb essential/aroma oil naturally and work as well as any other reed diffuser! If the aroma fades away, you can always drip another 3 to 5 drops depending on your personal preferences, and let the aroma permeate through the air!

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