About Us

About Us

We are a Singapore floral company ( Bridestory's certified wedding vendor), that design and creates personalized artistic floral planning for Hotel, Weddings, Store concepts, corporate events. We cater to companies or individual whom would want their trade shows, celebrations and events to be filled with the beauty of flowers to engage, entice and excite their guests.

We also specialise in conceptualizing flower-arrangements, providing floral design for hotels, weddings and other services including floral table arrangement and etc.
Every design is customized and will not be repeated unless our customer request for a similar design. Therefore, Floral Story's branding is all about an exclusive, customized story for every individual or company.

Corporate Portfolio includes:
- Michelle Chang Artshow Opening Event
- BroadCast Asia Trade Show
- Writer Opening Conference Event
- Imee Ooi Concert and more...

Why Us

We believe that by collaborating with us, it would certainly
- Create positive brand impression of your organization
- Increase in Your Brand Exposure/Referrals
- Create Positive Customer-Relationship
- Create Positive Customer-Retention
- Set a positive image and distinctive brand, standing out from your competitors