Latest Delivery and CBM Information

We know you have been asking if we will still remain open during this difficult time. Sincere apologies on why we took so long to confirm but we just wanted to make sure we are in line with the “Heightened Alert” measures. Find out more with us via whatsapp at 91114984

These are some of the methods that we have for your orders to come to us:
1. Our website (
2. Floral (Smiles) Consultant via Whatsapp (+65 91114984)
3. Email (
4. Social Media Messaging (Facebook & Instagram @floralstoryint)

We’d like to thank all of you for your support and trust.

Meanwhile, let’s do our part - stay home, stay safe and be responsible.
With Love, peeps at Floral Story Int

Delivery Information

By making a purchase at Floral Story Int, you are agreeable to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Refund Policy:
  • 50% Refund: for cancelations made 15 days in advance (with reference to delivery date) however, a $10 admin fee must still be paid to cover refunding costs.
  • Any other refund requests made will be accepted or declined at Floral Story Int's own discretion. Floral Story Int reserves full rights to decline a refund request without explanation.
2. Flowers are perishable product as such Floral Story Int will not be liable for flowers and arrangements once it has been delivered to the designated delivery address/ events.

3. In order to prevent delays in our delivery services, our couriers will wait a maximum of 15 minutes in the event that the recipient cannot be contacted via mobile. After which, the buyer may choose to pay an additional $10 for re-delivery at a later time.

4. Floral Story Int reserves full rights to accept or decline any purchase made by any one individual or corporation.

5. Floral Story Int is in no way obliged to send photos of the finished bouquet to customers, especially during peak periods as we conduct quality checks to ensure bouquets are in good condition before sending them out.

6. Floral Story Int reserves full rights to amend it's terms and conditions at any one time, without prior notice.