$135 Personalized THAI Snack Bouquet

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Available in $80 / $90 / $100 etc, whatsapp to 91114984 to personalize / inquire with our smiles officers.

Personalized as accordance to budget and recipient personality

. Whatsapp to 91114984 or leave remarks, we will design as accordance to recipient's personality, snacks used will be as per the budget allocated, overall artwork prices consist of snacks costings from local retail supermarket, not wholesaler, artisans workmanship fees and other relevant costs. 

THAI FLAVOUR Series, Now Available. 

Snacks used are subjected to availability. We believe that everyone is special and unique, therefore the artwork may not look exactly the same as shown, our artisans will have a design process to design the overall art styling just for you. So no design will repeat.
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