Contes De Fées

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  • Contes De Fées- Smile amongst the fairies
  • Contes De Fées is specially designed by our artisans in a bouquet form to symbolize a an enchanted garden, for someone who loves classy, elegant, enchanted artwork. Curated with imported Anthuriums, O'Hara roses (light scented), and greens. 
  • Approx : head to the chest of a human standing at 163cm.
  • -This artwork is accompanied by a complimentary greeting card.
  • Let us know your recipient personality and our artisans will match the colors of the wraps for you :)
  • *Colours are subjected to availability, call us to inquire further
  • Our Artisans will match the fleur mixes as according to the imported Anthuriums' Colour
  • *Do note that this pricing is only for ordinary colors, the price will differ for premium colors *
  • Whatsapp to 91114984 to order.
    ▄만나서 반갑습니다▄
    (This Picture is for illustration purposes only, the actual product might differ)

Flowers used are subjected to availability. We believe that everyone is special and unique, therefore the artwork may not look exactly the same as shown 
(Product Image are For illustrated Purposes only)